I know looking for a home in Santa Fe or northern New Mexico can be quite a task. I'm a local, grew up in Los Alamos, worked my family's ranch near Chama, and know someone in nearly every village from here to the state line. Like most kids who grew up here, I left to attend college, worked for the big out-of-state companies, got smart and moved back. When it comes to knowing this area, well it's not uncommon for other Realtors to call me and ask directions to some Pueblito,Camino or Calle they never heared of. You may have seen a home with vigas or a kiva fireplace, made from adobe and plastered in sto or stucco and wondered what does this all mean? What's the difference between living on the east side or south side of town? Hopefully, this is a place I can help. I've been selling property since 1991 from Casitas to Haciendas.   Let me know how I can help you.    I'm never to busy for your business!  

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